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Best Pain Relief for Cats

Your Cat's Pain Is Your Business

Pain management in cats can be quite tricky as conventional pain meds that work on dogs and people can be toxic and even kill a cat. It is important for a pet owner to know what to look for when they suspect their cat might not feel well.

Cats Hide Pain

Cats usually keep it to themselves when they are sick or in pain as a way to protect themselves against predators or rejection from other cats that might threaten their survival, But just because your cat doesn’t show it’s hurting, it doesn’t mean that it’s not in pain.

Top Signs of Pain in Cats

A cat in pain will try to hide it, but despite its best efforts, you should be getting either an auditory cue or notice a change in your cats behavior.

Vocal cues include consistent meowing or aggressive hissing or snapping when somebody is trying to pet or get too close. Behavioral changes might include:

  • Appetite loss and unwillingness to properly hydrate
  • Lack of energy
  • Limping
  • Loose stools
  • Sudden change in its litter box habits
  • Muscle weakness
  • Hesitancy to jump up on furniture or to explore its environment.
  • Restlessness

If left untreated pain can be very taxing on a cat and its special bond with its owner. Chronic pain can push a feline into either an aggressive or avoidant behavior. Long-term pain can also lead to depression and anxiety in cats severely affecting their quality of life.

Conventional Pain Medication for Cats: The Dos and Dont's

We do not recommend giving your cat pain meds without medical supervision. If you suspect your cat might be in pain, get it to a veterinarian asap. Only a professional can spot the true cause of a feline’s pain. Your Veterinarian can prescribe the safest pain reliever without putting your pet’s life in peril.

Never give a cat human-grade pain medication. Common pain meds found in nearly everyone’s medicine cabinet; aspirin and ibuprofen when given to a cat can cause life threatening conditions. A single Tylenol contains enough acetaminophen to kill an adult cat! For a full list of Rx and OTC meds containing acetaminophen check this page here.

A veterinarian will know what doses of medication to give a feline in pain. 

Natural Pain Relief for Cats

Fortunately, there several natural remedies for cat pain you can try at home. For instance, you could give it a gentle massage to help ease the pain and reduce anxiety and stress levels, but stay away from any injured areas of its body.

Herbs and essential oils are used in natural remedies, speak with a herbalist specializing in cats to gain a better understanding of which herbs are safe and which you must avoid.

One of the most effective pain relievers for cats, especially for severe chronic pain, is cannabidiol (CBD). 

CBD has been proven effective in reducing pain without the potential side effects associated with most pain meds. CBD is a very powerful anti-inflammatory which makes it an all-natural remedy for both chronic and acute pain, soreness, arthritis, and even some types of heart disease.

Recent research has also shown that CBD derived from whole plant hemp can promote weight loss by improving metabolism while also improving appetite, sleep and anxiety in both dogs and cats.

We recommend only giving your cat a product that has been specially formulated for its body, such as our PAWS EFFECT Hemp Extract CBD (100 Mg). Our CBD oil for cats comes in a convenient spray applicator and has a natural salmon flavor, for a hassle-free administration.

You can spray the oil directly into your kitty’s mouth or on to his or her food.Feel free to check out some of our customers’ testimonials on the effectiveness of CBD oil for cats experiencing pain.

Photo by Victoria Tronina via Unsplash

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