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Commitment To Quality

Paws Effect Nutrition promises our customers that we will never sacrifice quality. We know we have sourced the best raw materials and utilize best in class processors. We start each day with a commitment to this quality.

Our mission to provide pets with the best chance for a happy and healthy life is what drives our team every day. We drive this mission through our entire supply chain, from third-party testing laboratories to utilizing the best logistics company so you get your products on-time every time.

Our oils, sprays, and balms are ToxicFree, and Leaping Bunny certified.

Products are guaranteed to be completely free from harmful chemicals, products contain only ingredients that are 100% natural and from the earth and products are manufactured sustainably and are safe for the environment.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
Our suppliers are required by Paws Effect to be GMP compliant. This means that the supplier has met all the requirements to produce the highest quality, safest products and maintain continual reproducible results.

Leaping Bunny is a nationally recognized organization that verifies and certifies that a company does not and shall not conduct, Commission, or be a party to Animal Testing for any Cosmetic and/or Household Products including, without limitation, formulations and Ingredients of such products.

A Cofounder has completed extensive coursework and a Certified Pet Nutrition Specialists.

After extensive research, we decided to create our own formulations with the assistance of well-known Bakery Chef. We reviewed many products in the market and while some were good, we did not find any that met our standards for quality, texture or palatability. All Paws Effect Nutrition Biscuits are lovingly baked and not extruded in order to get the healthiest biscuit with the best texture possible. We will not sell extruded products.

All of our biscuits are made with organic, Non-GMO ingredients. Third-party guaranteed analysis and content verification is conducted assuring the highest quality every time.
All analysis is available online by simply looking up the LOT # or UPC code.


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