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Serving Suggestions

We have put together a chart below to give you our general serving suggestions. Please remember that every pet is unique and will potentially respond differently. Some pets will respond positively within a couple of hours from their first serving while others could take 3-4 days before showing a response.

To better maintain a consistent level in your pet’s system, please try to administer the servings at the same time every day if possible.
Remember that the recommended serving suggestions are minimum recommendations. If after a couple of days, you are not seeing a positive response, feel free to increase the servings in small increments.

We believe in our products so much that we give them to our own pets and see the results. After two weeks of following the recommended dosage guidelines, you feel the product is not helping your pet, please e-mail  or give us a call. We want to be involved in the success of our products for your pets and we will see how we can help get the results we expect for your pet.

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