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Differences Between Industrial Hemp and Marijuana

Whole Plant Hemp Extract if properly extracted will not get your pet high
Paws Effect Nutrition tests every single batch to ensure that there is No THC (less than .3%) in all Paws Effect Nutrition products.
Hemp and Marijuana both come from the same species of plant called Cannabis Sativa, but they are very different genetically, have different chemical components and require very different cultivation methods.
Industrial Hemp is the non-psychoactive form of Cannabis Sativa

Marijuana and Hemp look vastly different:
Marijuana - has a broad leaf with compact flowers (nuggets), hair-like follicles and looks like a short dense bush.
Hemp - has a narrow leaf which is located at the top of the stock. Hemp can be very tall sometimes up to 15-20’.


Hemp has a myriad of different uses. The history of use in China dates as far back as 2000 BC. Hemp is a very Eco-friendly crop to grow requiring little water and pesticides are not typically required.

What Can’t Hemp Do? The one thing hemp can’t do is get you high. Hemp has virtually NO (Tetrahydrocannabinol) THC.

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