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I have a beautiful German Shepherd named Heike that my wife and I rescued about 8 years ago (well she rescued us). In the last year she has grayed and slowed with age, but we also noticed she was slowly losing coordination and control over her back legs. Fearing hip dysplasia we took her to the vet. They performed x-rays which revealed some arthritis, potential for spinal degeneration but no dysplasia.  The vet gave us pain medicine for her which made her groggy and started losing her appetite. She also was not eager for her walks as much as she was.
Then a friend recommend we try CBD and we contacted Paws Effect. The first bottle of Paws Effect Whole Plant Hemp Extract arrived and we gave her six sprays on a ¼ slice of bread. Well about an hour later she pulled on her walk like she was 5 years younger, even with her wobbly rear legs. Since then we have stopped any pain medicine and just giver the tincture in the morning and afternoon.  Her enthusiasm for walking is there, her appetite is there and we attribute it the CBD extract. Her leg control continues to decline and we cannot reverse that but we are more confident in the quality of life we can give her now.

I highly recommend and wish we could have started giving it to her over a year ago......CAJ -  Seattle, WA



 I started giving my dog, Georgia, the Paws Effect spray about two weeks ago and in that time I've noticed a big difference in her mobility. Georgia is a Multi-poo and she will be 12 years old this coming March. She has always had generally good health but in the last year she is more sensitive when we try to pick her up and she was no longer able to jump up onto my bed. Since I started giving her the Paws Effect on her food every night, she is jumping onto the couch and the bed with no problem, As you can see, she's up on the couch looking as playful as a puppy! She no longer whimpers when we pick her up. I believe the Paws Effect has reduced the inflammation in her joints and alleviated her pain.
 MJ, Los Angeles


All I have two say is HOLY ****!!!  Excuse my french, but,  I just returned with Brooks from a 3.5 mile trail run/walk.  This is an up and down, up down with 600 feet gain all said and done.  It’s been about 9 months since he could hold this own, without stopping running and going into slow ramble mode.  Today, about 5 day’s into your Paws effect, he was all go!  We walked about 20% of it, and ran the rest, with him keeping up and even running ahead of me!  It seem’s I’ve got my running buddy back!  I found myself stoping and talking to other dog owners about your CBD oils!  I’m going to need some pamphlets to help spread the word!!  -  Luke, Seattle, WA

I am so excited about the results I am seeing from the use of Paws Effect for Cats with my Maine Coon, Garfield. He was diagnosed with arthritis in his right knee 3 years ago. We have tried Glucosamine and another medications the vet prescribed and nothing really helped him. He has now been on the Paws Effect CBD for Cats for one week and his energy level has increased noticeably, he is not limping and now in the morning he is jumping out of his bed and running to the door to go play outside. He is also jumping up on the kitchen counter (not allowed). We also have 2 outdoor cats that he has never been keen on and this morning the 3 of them were eating breakfast together without issue! - Bozeman, MT



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